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How To Play Air Traffic Controller (ATC)

Comprehensive instructions for playing ATC are provided in the user's guide. The guide was written for the original MS-DOS version but the command structure has not changed.

More details are planned for this page. In the meantime, here is the command line "reference card" for the game.

ATC Commands
Format:   aCn
aAn  go to Altitude
     n = 1 to 5
     (if at 0, take off)
aA0  cleared to land
aM   Maintain altitude
aLn  Left  turn n*45 deg
aRn  Right turn n*45 deg
     n = 1 to 4
     (turns cancel H,#,%)
aP   Proceed on heading
     (cancels H,R,L)
aH   Hold at *, cancel #,%
a#   Cleared to airport #
a%   Cleared to airport %
     (Cleared cancels H)
aS   Status request
,       Advance 15 secs
Ctrl-N  New Game
Esc     End Game
Ctrl-E  End Game
Ctrl-X  Exit ATC